2017-18 Academic Catalog
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ANTH 1002 ANTH 1002 (990:011). Introduction to Cultural Anthropology — 3 hrs.

Introduction to cross-cultural perspective on human behavior. Consideration of the nature of society and culture among diverse human groups, from hunter-gatherers to industrialized city dwellers, by examination of their technologies, economic systems, family life, political structures, art, languages, and religious beliefs and practices. Emphasis on non-Western societies. (Fall and Spring)

Bachelor of Arts Degree and Minor Programs


...001) or ANTH 1002 (990:011) . Course SOC 1000 (980:001) or ANTH 1002 (990...

School of Applied Human Sciences


...Liberal Arts Core. ANTH 3102/5102 (990:168g) has prerequisite of ANTH 1002 (990:011...

Department of Political Science


...ANTH 3441/5441 (990:162g) have prerequisite of SOC 1000 (980:001) or ANTH 1002...