2017-18 Academic Catalog
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BUSINESS 2000 BUSINESS 2000 (100:020). Business Professionals in Training.

0 hrs. Focuses on the professional skills expected by employers; includes self-awareness of personal values/traits; assessment of communication, interpersonal, and thinking skills; career management; knowledge of business enterprise; business professionalism. Pass/no credit only. Prerequisite(s): BUSINESS 1000 (100:010) or consent of CBA advisor; pre- or declared business majors only. (Fall and Spring)

Graduate Information, Admission, Academic Regulations, and Degree Requirements


...business administration. Admission to the Master of Business...MAcc) degree in Fall 2000, the Professional Science...

Department of Accounting


...Arts Core and electives 11 BUSINESS 2000 (100:020) Business Professionals in Training 0 ACCT...

Department of Economics


...Business Economics majors may enroll in lower division (below 100/2000/3000/4000-level) business...

Department of Finance


...Principles of Financial Accounting 3 BUSINESS 2000 (100:020) Business Professionals in Training 0 ECON...

Department of Marketing


...Liberal Arts Core/Electives 9 BUSINESS 2000 (100:020) Business Professionals in Training 0 ECON...

Department of Management


...Business Administration, Interdepartmental: BUSINESS 1000 (100:010) Introductory Seminar for Business Professionals 0 BUSINESS 2000...

Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations


...Sciences, the College of Business, and the College...of 15 hours of 2000/6000-level course...

Department of Political Science


...prerequisites to all 100/2000/3000/4000-level...sector conflict mediation, international business and risk assessment...