2023-24 Academic Catalog
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Chinese Courses (CHIN)


CHIN 1001. Elementary Chinese I — 4-5 hrs.

For beginners. (Variable)

CHIN 1002. Elementary Chinese II — 4-5 hrs.

Continuation of CHIN 1001. Prerequisite(s): CHIN 1001 or consent of instructor. (Variable)

CHIN 1011. Intermediate Chinese I — 4-5 hrs.

Continuation of CHIN 1002. Progressive development of writing, reading, and speaking skills through sequence of exercises relating to daily practical living. Grammatical refinement using numerous illustrations of more difficult new words in dialogues on everyday topics. Prerequisite(s): CHIN 1002 or consent of instructor. (Variable)

CHIN 1050. Introduction to Chinese Literature — 3 hrs.

This survey course of Chinese Literature introduces major works of Chinese literature over history. (Fall)

CHIN 1060. Introduction to Chinese Culture: (Topic) — 3 hrs.

Introduction to selected Chinese cultural topics such as language, film, and art. May be repeated for credit under different topics. (Fall and Spring)