2023-24 Academic Catalog
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UNI Academic Calendar

General Information

The University and Its Programs

Academic Structure

College of Business

College of Education

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Division of Continuing Education and Special Programs

Office of International Programs

Other Educational Opportunities

Admission Requirements

Admission of Undergraduate Students Directly from High School

Admission of Undergraduate Students by Transfer from Other Colleges

Transfer Credit Practices

High School Preparation Required for Admission

Admission Requirements for Graduate Students

Classification of Residents and Nonresidents

Enrollment and Registration Procedures


Registration Procedures

Fees and Financial Aid

Student Costs

Financial Aid Office

Grants and Scholarships

Student Life



Career Services

University Health Services

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services


Student Activities and Honors

University Facilities and Educational Service


Educational Services

The Fine and Performing Arts at UNI



Student Participation and Organizations in the Arts

Community Participation and Organizations in the Arts

Academic Regulations

Undergraduate Information and Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Curricula

Liberal Arts Core Program

Program Certificates

Requirements for Graduation

Graduate Information, Admission, Academic Regulations, and Degree Requirements

Graduate Curricula


Academic Regulations


Degree Programs and Majors

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Certificate Program Requirements

Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, and Program Certificates by Department

Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors

Courses of Instruction

Explanation of Course Numbers

Common Course Numbers

Course Descriptions