2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs

Majors (B.A.S.)

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Program

The purpose of the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree is to offer educational opportunities to those students who have completed an A.A.S degree and are now seeking to complete a four-year degree.  These students are often place-bound and need to take online classes while remaining a full-time employee.

Admission to the Program

Each student entering the program must have earned:

1.      an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from an accredited institution; and

2.      a minimum 2.00 grade point average; and

3.      two years of relevant work experience.

Total Credit Requirements

A total of at least 120 semester hours of credit, including applicable transferable credit earned, is required for graduation. The total must fulfill the following specifications:

1.      24 hours of UNIFI/General Education classes (or 23-24 hours of Liberal Arts Core), as outlined below, of which 9 hours can be transferred in as the Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning UNIFI categories (or LAC 1A, 1B, and 1C if on the Liberal Arts Core);

2.      6 hours of Professional Communication, as outlined below;

3.      21-30 hours of Major coursework, from one of the majors listed below;

4.      0-19 hours of elective credit, for a total of 60 semester hours of credit taken at the University of Northern Iowa.

UNIFI/General Education Requirements for B.A.S. Degree

Students must meet the following undergraduate UNIFI/General Education requirements as specified below.

Written Communication *3
Oral Communication *3
Quantitative Reasoning *3
*BAS Students are permitted to transfer in courses equivalent to the Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning UNIFI categories. No other classes can be applied to fulfill the UNIFI portion of the BAS degree.
Human Condition - Global3
Human Condition - Domestic3
Scientific Reasoning (lab not required)3
Human Expression3
Total Hours24

Liberal Arts Core Requirements for B.A.S. Degree:

Students must meet the following undergraduate Liberal Arts Core requirements as specified below.

Category 1: Core Competencies in Categories 1A (writing), 1B (speaking), and 1C (math) or transfer equivalencies* 9
*BAS students are permitted to transfer in courses equivalent to Categories 1A, 1B, & 1C. No other classes can be applied to fulfill the LAC portion of the BAS degree.
Category 2: Civilizations & Cultures (1 course from Category 2A or 2B)3
Category 3: Fine Arts, Literature, Philosophy & Religion (1 course from Category 3A or 3B)3
Category 4: Natural Science & Technology (1 course from Category 4A or 4B)3
Category 5: Social Science (1 course from Category 5A, 5B, or 5C)3
Category 6: Capstone Experience (1 course)(2-3hours or 1 additional course from BAS LAC Category 2, 3, 4, or 5)2-3
Total Hours23-24

Professional Communication Required Courses for B.A.S. Degree

COMM 3155Professional and Public Communication3
ENGLISH 3770Technical Writing in Applied Sciences3
Total Hours6

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs

Criminal Justice Major

Courses required to have taken before enrolling in B.A.S. program, or take simultaneously with other courses in the B.A.S. program.
SOC 1000Introduction to Sociology3
or SOC 1060 Social Problems
or culture/diversity related class approved by BAS Criminal Justice major advisor.
CRIM 2022Criminal Justice System3
CRIM 2025Criminology3
SOC 2010Research Methods3
Professional Development Elective3
Senior Seminar in Criminology
Criminology Internship
Practical Field Experience
6 hours of any 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000-level CRIM prefix classes
12 hours of any upper division (3000/4000-level) CRIM prefix classes
Total Hours33

Managing Business and Organizations Major

The B.A.S. major in Managing Business and Organizations is under the supervision and jurisdiction of Online Education and Individual Studies.

ECON 1031Introduction to Business Economics (or equivalent - requires departmental approval; will satisfy the UNIFI/General Education Quantitative Reasoning category)0-3
Business Administration:
BUSINESS 3025Business Analysis Techniques3
BUSINESS 3030Accounting Concepts3
BUSINESS 3035Information Systems for Professionals3
BUSINESS 3050The Art of Managing People at Work3
BUSINESS 3060Law, Society, and Business3
BUSINESS 3065Entrepreneurship and Opportunity3
BUSINESS 3070Topics: Effective Business Practices (6 hours required, repeat on different topic)6
BUSINESS 4040Applied Business Finance3
BUSINESS 4045Practical Marketing for Organizations3
Total Hours30-33
Suggested Sequence
Term 1
UNIFI/General Education Written Communication category3
UNIFI/General Education Quantitative Reasoning category (ECON 1031 is the recommended course to satisfy both the UNIFI/General Education category3
Term 2
UNIFI/General Education Human Condition - Domestic category3
BUSINESS 3025Business Analysis Techniques3
Term 3
UNIFI/General Education Oral Communication category3
BUSINESS 3030Accounting Concepts3
Term 4
ENGLISH 3186 Studes in Technical Communication3
BUSINESS 3035Information Systems for Professionals3
Term 5
UNIFI/General Education Human Condition - Global category3
BUSINESS 3050The Art of Managing People at Work3
Term 6
COMM 3155Professional and Public Communication3
BUSINESS 3060Law, Society, and Business3
Term 7
UNIFI/General Education Scientific Reasoning category3
BUSINESS 3065Entrepreneurship and Opportunity3
Term 8
UNIFI/General Education Human Expression category3
BUSINESS 3070Topics: Effective Business Practices3
Term 9
UNIFI/General Education Responsibility category3
BUSINESS 4040Applied Business Finance3
Term 10
BUSINESS 4045Practical Marketing for Organizations3
BUSINESS 3070Topics: Effective Business Practices3