2018-19 Academic Catalog
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Interdisciplinary Majors, Minors and Program Certificates

The university offers a variety of interdisciplinary curricula to meet the growing need and interest in work beyond collegiate division. The following undergraduate and graduate programs and program certificates are under the supervision and jurisdiction of several committees, departments, or colleges as indicated. The programs include:

Undergraduate Major (B.A.S.)

  • Criminal Justice (also listed in Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology)
  • Managing Business and Organizations (also listed under College of Business Administration)
  • Tactical Emergency Services with Vulnerable Populations (also listed in Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology)
  • Technology (also listed in Department of Technology)

Undergraduate Majors (B.A.)/Minors

  • General Studies Major
  • Gerontology Major (also listed in School of Applied Human Sciences)
  • Gerontology Minor (also listed in School of Applied Human Sciences)
  • Global Studies Major
  • Humanities Major
  • Individual Studies Major
  • Liberal Studies, Bachelor of
  • International Business Minor
  • International Business Minor (Non-Business Majors)
  • Russian and East European Studies Minor
  • Studies in Sexuality, Women and Gender Minor

Graduate Majors (M.A.)

  • Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

Program Certificates

  • International Business, Culture, and Language
  • Leadership Foundations
  • Conflict Resolution Certificate
  • Sustainability
  • Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies