2024-25 Academic Catalog
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College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Humanities Courses

HUM 1021. Humanities I: The Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Worlds — 3 hrs.

Literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts, integrated with the history of Western Civilization to 1300. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

HUM 1022. Humanities II: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment — 3 hrs.

Literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts, integrated with the history of Western Civilization from 1300 to the French Revolution of 1789. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

HUM 1023. Humanities III: The Age of Revolution to the Present — 3 hrs.

Literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts integrated with the history of Western Civilization since the French Revolution of 1789. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

HUM 3102/5102. Nonverbal Communication — 3 hrs.

Study of practices, theories, and concepts related to patterns of human expression apart from the spoken or written word. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Same as COMM 4311) (Variable)

HUM 3121. Russia/Soviet Union — 3 hrs.

Interdisciplinary examination of the culture, history, geography, economy, political system, and society of Russia and the Soviet Union. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3122. Japan — 3 hrs.

Introductory study of Japan: geographical setting, historical background, cultural heritage, social and political systems, and economic development and importance. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3123. Latin America — 3 hrs.

Historical, political, social, and cultural elements that form the civilization of Latin America. No credit if student has credit in SPAN 3020. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3124. China — 3 hrs.

Introduction to essential aspects of China, including geography, environment, demography, anthropology, history, language, religion, economic development, political changes, and foreign relations. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3125. India — 3 hrs.

Treatment of significant elements of Indian culture, historical development, and place in the world today. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3127. Middle East — 3 hrs.

Treatment of significant aspects of Middle Eastern culture, historical development, and place in the world today. (Variable)

HUM 3128. Africa — 3 hrs.

Interdisciplinary examination of contemporary African society and culture: historical heritage, problems, prospects, and importance. (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3130. Culture and Philosophy of African American Life — 3 hrs.

Interdisciplinary exploration of culture and philosophy of African American life; emphasis on historical and current aspects of life which enhance or deter progress of African Americans educationally, economically, and politically. (Variable)

HUM 3132. Native North America — 3 hrs.

Ethnographic survey of sociocultural systems developed by Native Americans north of Mexico. Emphasis on relationships that exist among ecological factors, subsistence techniques, social organizations, and belief systems; and the impact interactions with European and U.S. societies had on Indian lifestyles. (Same as ANTH 3132) (Variable)

HUM 3137. Native Central and South America — 3 hrs.

Ethnographic focus on the sociocultural systems of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, Amazon Basin, and the Andean Highlands. Emphasis on inter-relationships among environment, history, social organizations, and belief systems from a holistic and comparative perspective. (Same as ANTH 3137) (Fall and Spring)

HUM 3138. Malcolm, Martin, and Justice — 3 hrs.

How might religious leaders insert themselves in the struggle for justice and human rights? Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. represent the intricate involvement of black religious leaders in the African American struggle for social, political, and economic justice. (Variable)

HUM 3151/5151. Images of Blacks in the White Mind — 3 hrs.

Exploration of the purposefully constructed image of blacks which reinforces inequality, the historical development of white supremacist ideology, and the disempowerment of blacks in the United States. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

HUM 3160/5160. Black Women in America: Challenge, Spirit, Survival — 3 hrs.

Investigation of major themes in lives of black women in America, utilizing scholarship from sociology, literature, cultural studies, and womanist theology. Challenges to fruitful existence and role of striving for self-representation direct the two major units of course. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

HUM 3169. Leadership Internship — 1-3 hrs.

Field placement designed to further develop leadership abilities. Site placement determined in consultation with the Director of Leadership Studies. Prerequisite(s): HUM 3110; consent of instructor and Director of Leadership Studies. (Variable)

HUM 4198. Independent Study.

Independent Study

Professional Science Master's Courses

PSM 6100. Business Management for Science Professionals — 3 hrs.

Designed to provide science professionals with a strong foundation of critical business knowledge and skills, including strategic management, accounting, legal issues, personnel management, and communication styles and formats. Prerequisite(s): PSM 6289. (Fall and Spring)

PSM 6289. Professional Science Master's Seminar — 1 hr.

Weekly seminar for Professional Science Master's students which alternates student presentations with discussions between students and company representatives. Presentations are on select industries or corporations, one presentation every other seminar session. Alternate weeks are devoted to discussions with representatives of the selected companies. May be repeated for maximum of 3 hours. Prerequisite(s): admittance to the P.S.M. graduate program. (Fall and Spring)

PSM 6300. Team-Based Problem Solving — 3 hrs.

For P.S.M. Biotechnology and P.S.M. Ecosystem Management students. Discussion and/or lab, 5 periods. Prerequisite(s): PSM 6289; minimum of 6 hours completed in a P.S.M. degree program. (Fall and Spring)

PSM 6950. Professional Science Master's Internship — 1-6 hrs.

Supervised work experience for Professional Science Master's students. Students will receive appropriate industrial/corporate training in their specific field of expertise. Prerequisite(s): enrolled in P.S.M. program and consent of appropriate department head. (Fall and Spring)