2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Engineering Courses (ENGR)


ENGR 1000. Introduction to Engineering & Professional Practice — 3 hrs.

Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the technical engineering profession. Incorporating team dynamics and a semester based team project. Engineering professional ethics. professionalism (behavior)/integrity/professional duty to society, project-based learning, and engineering code of conduct. Decision making and solution investigations. Recommended to be taken in the first semester in the major, both new and transfer students. (Fall)

ENGR 2080. Statics — 2 hrs.

Evaluation of a force system and principles used in the construction of mechanical and architectural structures. Students will develop an understanding of the basic principles in static analysis of forces in various designs. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1420 or MATH 1150. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): PHYSICS 1511 or PHYSICS 1701. (Fall and Spring)

ENGR 2089. Engineering Seminar: (Topic) — 1-3 hrs.

Comprehensive investigation in engineering that addresses a current topic. May be repeated twice on different topics. Prerequisite(s): ENGR 1000. (Variable)

ENGR 2180. Strength of Materials — 2 hrs.

Material characteristics and strength used in mechanical and civil structures. Students will develop a basic understanding of forces acting on structures and the impact on material characteristics and strength. Topics including: stress and Strain, Poisson's ratio, Properties of areas, Loads on beams, Buckling of columns, Principal Stresses. Prerequisite(s): ENGR 2080; MATH 1420 or MATH 1150. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): PHYSICS 1511 or PHYSICS 1701. (Fall and Spring)

ENGR 4235/5235. Material Transformations & Modeling — 3 hrs.

Material transformation topics such as solidification science, micro- and macro- segregation principles, fluid flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids, and advanced solid state transformations are covered and directly correlated to material modeling techniques. Prerequisite(s): TECH 2072; TECH 3127; junior standing. (Variable)

ENGR 4500. Senior Design — 3 hrs.

Comprehensive project experience that bridges the gap between academic instruction and real world practice using creative problem solving, estimating, safety, quality, project management techniques, technical knowledge, and ethical & professional responsibilities. Cross-disciplinary teams work with industrial partners on the research and development of a specific project. Recommended to be taken last undergraduate semester at UNI as declared major in the Dept of Applied Engineering and Technical Management. Prerequisite(s): ENGLISH 3772/5772; PHIL 1560; senior standing. (Fall and Spring)