2023-24 Academic Catalog
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Entrepreneurship Courses (ENTR)


ENTR 1010. Overview of Entrepreneurship — 3 hrs.

The course will detail various paths of entrepreneurship available to UNI while introducing students to current entrepreneurial methodology including the entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurship, lean startup, design thinking, and Agile. (Fall and Spring)

ENTR 2010. Financials for the Entrepreneurial Enterprise — 3 hrs.

Focused on constructing projected financial statements for a start-up company using market research and industry analysis data given a lack of historical data. Lays foundation for skills and motivations necessary for entrepreneurial success. Prerequisite(s): sophomore standing. (Fall and Spring)

ENTR 3583/5583. Entrepreneurship — 3 hrs.

Students develop a startup business idea within a supportive team environment. Activities include opportunity assessment, new venture strategic planning, creation of a business plan, and presentation of the business pitch. Prerequisite(s): For College of Business majors: admittance to College of Business. For non-College of Business majors: ENTR 2010; junior standing. (Fall and Spring)

ENTR 3586/5586. Entrepreneurial Strategy — 3 hrs.

Students help an existing start-up business in the community scale to the next level. Using engagement and prototyping experiments, teams identify entrepreneurial, innovation or growth opportunities and present a strategic plan to the client and external judges. This is a service-learning designated course. Prerequisite(s): ENTR 3583/5583; junior standing. (Fall and Spring)