2019-20 Academic Catalog
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Historical Study/Thematic/Graduate Courses (HIST)


HIST 1010 (960:010). Introduction to the Study of History — 3 hrs.

Introduction to nature and use of history, to historiography, and to basic methods of historical research. Required of all History majors and must be taken immediately after major is declared. Prerequisite(s): Declared History majors, Public History minors, Social Science majors, and Interactive Digital Studies Digital History Bundle students. Corequisite(s): HIST 1011 (960:011) required for History majors only. (Fall and Spring)

HIST 1011 (960:011). Field Experience: Public History — 1 hr.

Students spend 15 hours working on a public history project in a local institution. This seminar provides opportunities for orientation, discussion, and introduction to professions related to the major. Prerequisite(s): declared History majors only. Corequisite(s): HIST 1010 (960:010). (Fall and Spring)

HIST 3000 (960:192). Junior-Senior Seminar — 3 hrs.

May be repeated on different topics. Prerequisite(s): for History majors: HIST 1010 (960:010); junior standing. For non-History majors: consent of instructor. (Fall and Spring)

HIST 3010 (960:189). Readings in History — 1-3 hrs.

Student will choose one of the following areas: (1) Ancient; (2) Medieval; (3) English; (4) French; (5) German; (6) Russian; (7) United States; (8) Latin American; or (9) Asian (India, China, and Japan). Prerequisite(s): consent of department head; for the field of U.S. History, 9 semester hours in U.S. History; for each of the other fields, 9 hours in history other than U.S., which must include 3 hours related to the particular field to be studied. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

HIST 4003/5003. Collections Care and Management — 3 hrs.

This course will present topics in museums collections management ranging from object/artifact handling, storage, loaning and conservation to museum ethics, acquisitions, policy-making and research to donors, fundraising, marketing, and education. In addition, the course will cover discussions of what constitutes a museum and why museums collect. Museum professionals from both the UNI Museum and UNI Gallery of Art will present all topics, and classes will include an experiential component that will allow students a more personal involvement with historical artifacts and art objects. Students will be given the opportunity to work with a variety of museum professionals and will engage in real-world museum concerns. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.[Same as ARTHIST 4003/5003] (Fall)

HIST 4010/5010 (960:106g). Introduction to Public History — 3 hrs.

Exploration of the critical methodologies and practices of historians working in non-academic settings. Examination of the various issues that historians confront in working with public audiences and instruction in the skills required to pursue a career in public history. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Fall)

HIST 4020/5020 (960:125g). Introduction to Museum Studies — 3 hrs.

Exploration of history, public mission, working environment, and ethical issues of museums. Discussion of practical skills and theoretical issues of museum studies, exposing students to broad range of museum types and career opportunities. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Same as ANTH 3440/5440 (990:125g)) (Even Springs)

HIST 4030/5030 (960:132g). Internship in Historical Studies — 1-3 hrs.

Study and experience in public history settings. Coursework, either individual or collaborative, defined by instructor and/or site supervisor in conjunction with students. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours of undergraduate credit and a maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Fall and Spring)

HIST 4198 (960:198). Independent Study.

(Fall, Spring, Summer)

HIST 6020 (960:225). History and U.S. Public Policy — 3 hrs.

Use of history in policymaking; historical development of public policy in a specific area. (Spring)

HIST 6030 (960:280). Seminar - Topics in U.S. History — 3 hrs.

Seminar on major schools of interpretation in a specific topic in U.S. History. May be repeated. (Variable)

HIST 6050 (960:290). Historical Methods — 3 hrs.

Investigation of problems confronting the historian and analysis of methods and techniques employed. (Fall)

HIST 6285 (960:285). Individual Readings — 1-3 hrs.

May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): consent of department head. (Fall and Spring)

HIST 6288. Seminar - Topics in World History — 3 hrs.

Seminar on major schools of interpretation of the history of areas beyond the United States. Seminar will focus on a specific region or have a transnational focus. May be repeated. (Variable)

HIST 6289 (960:289). Seminar in United States Historiography — 3 hrs.

Seminar on major schools of interpretation of the American past, and specific examination of historiographical development of selected topics in American history. (Spring)

HIST 6297 (960:297). Practicum — 1-4 hrs.

May be repeated. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

HIST 6299 (960:299). Research — 3-6 hrs.

Thesis research and preparation. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours on the Thesis option. Prerequisite(s): consent of department. (Fall, Spring, Summer)