2017-18 Academic Catalog
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Education, Interdepartmental Courses (INTDEPED)


INTDEPED 7301 (190:301). Major Thinkers in Education over the Last 3,000 Years — 3 hrs.

An investigation of main ideas and perspectives from foundational scholars across fields of philosophy, sociology, history, and psychology who are perceived to have made major contributions in the field of education. Prerequisite(s): doctoral status or consent of college. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7303 (190:303). Foundations of Inquiry — 3 hrs.

Introduction to the intellectual foundations of educational and social inquiry. Includes the history and major positions of philosophy as well as their application to the practice of inquiry. Includes attention to the theory and practice of scholarship through critical reading and academic writing. Prerequisite(s): doctoral status or consent of college. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7314. Inquiry I — 3 hrs.

Covers initial elements of identifying, understanding, and solving complex problems of practice. Focus on developing conceptual understandings of the problem, ethics in inquiry and practice, and logic and design of an inquiry plan. Student proposes a research study. Prerequisite(s): MEASRES 6205 (250:205) or HPELS 6290 (440:290) or equivalent, and a substantial introductory statistics course (MEASRES 4180/5180 or HPELS 6210 (440:210) or equivalent). (Variable)

INTDEPED 7316. Inquiry II — 3 hrs.

Focus on the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data to solve complex problems of practice. Includes reporting results and use of data in practice, and broader dissemination of findings via conference presentations or journal publications. Student finishers and reports on full empirical study. Prerequisite(s): INTDEPED 7314. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7318. Evidence-Based Practices, Assessment, Accountability, and Program Evaluation — 3 hrs.

In today's world of professional practice simply running a program is not good enough. Modern practice must use assessment and evaluation results. This course provides needed tools. Provides multiple theoretical perspectives as well as hands-on practice. Prerequisite(s): admission to Ed.D. program; INTDEPED 7303 (190:303); INTDEPED 7314; INTDEPED 7316. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7320. Leadership in Formal and Informal Learning Environments — 3 hrs.

This course examines leadership, theory, and practice in formal and informal learning environments and promotes comprehensive application strategies to such settings as schools, human services, and leisure, tourism, and environmental organizations. Prerequisite(s): admission to Ed.D. program; INTDEPED 7303 (190:303); INTDEPED 7314; INTDEPED 7316. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7322. Organizational and Community Transformation — 3 hrs.

Exploration of transformational processes and the forces that shape change in communities and organizations on a macro, meso, and micro scale within the context of promoting and responding to social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental change including institutions and agencies. Prerequisite(s): admission to Ed.D. program; INTDEPED 7303 (190:303); INTDEPED 7314; INTDEPED 7316. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7324. Critical Analysis of Social and Cultural Contexts in Education — 3 hrs.

Explores historic and contemporary social, legal, and cultural movements in education and professional practice from sociological and critical perspectives. Indepth focus on philosophy, science, attitudes, belief patterns, and practices related to social and cultural diversity. Prerequisite(s): Doctoral status or consent of college, INTDEPED 7303 (190:303) (Variable)

INTDEPED 7389 (190:389). Doctoral Seminar — 3 hrs.

This course supports Ed.D. students in examining the facets of the doctoral degree, setting scholarly agendas, and developing publication skills. More specifically, the course will focus on doctoral core and intensive study area requirements, advisor selection, dissertation committee selection, and general and specific expectations for the completion of the Ed.D Graded. Prerequisite(s): INTDEPED 7314, INTDEPED 7316, Doctoral status or consent of college. (Variable)

INTDEPED 7399 (190:399). Dissertation Research.

Credit/no credit only. Initial enrollment requires attendance at doctoral research seminar. (Fall and Spring)