2021-22 Academic Catalog
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Languages Courses (LANG)


LANG 2003 (700:099). Preparation for Study Abroad — 2 hrs.

For students planning to study and travel abroad. Practical, social, geographic, and cultural aspects; some emphasis on contrasting American and foreign cultures. No credit on major or minor in foreign language. (Fall and Spring)

LANG 4093 (700:193g). Technology in Language Education — 3 hrs.

Based on current research and methodological approaches, enables critical selection, integration, and application of modern technology in language instruction. Prerequisite(s): for all students: junior standing. Prerequisites for Spanish Teaching majors and minors: SPAN 3001 (780:101) or SPAN 3006 or SPAN 3050/5050 (780:150g). (Fall)

LANG 4198 (700:198). Independent Study — 1-6 hrs.


LANG 4740/5740. Approaches to Language Learning and Teaching — 3 hrs.

Focus on the learning of language (the four skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and approaches to teaching language that combine communicative, thematic, and task-based learning with a concern for students' individual differences. Attention to recognizing the assumptions and aims of various teaching methods in order to guide and strengthen teaching practice. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): TESOL 4110/5110 (630:130g) or TESOL 4120/5120 (630:125g) or SPAN 3001 (780:101) or SPAN 3050/5050 (780:150g) or SPAN 3006; junior standing. (Fall and Spring)

LANG 4750. Assessment in Language Learning — 3 hrs.

Survey of basic principles for assessing second language learning and the critical tools that enable fair and effective assessment of listening, speaking, reading, and writing performance. Emphasis on authentic and alternative assessment and to applying assessment principles and tools to teaching practice. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): LANG 4740/5740; junior standing. (Variable)

LANG 6090 (700:290). Theory and Practice in Foreign Language Teaching — 1-3 hrs.

Synthesis of past and current theories of language acquisition with language teaching practice. May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): consent of instructor. (Fall)

LANG 6095 (700:295). Research Methods in Culture and Literature — 3 hrs.

Prepares students in various aspects of cultural and literary criticism, use of critical approaches and latest library resources. Graduate students must take this course during first three resident semesters. (Fall and Spring)