2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Library Courses (LIBRARY)


LIBRARY 1030. Beyond Google: An Introduction to Information Literacy — 1 hr.

Introduction to the formats of information, techniques of information retrieval, and the social, economic, ethical, legal and political issues associated with the use, abuse, and ownership of information. Open to freshmen and sophomores. (Offered during both halves of the fall and spring semesters). (Fall and Spring)

LIBRARY 2100. Question Everything: Navigating Information Overload — 3 hrs.

We are bombarded with information from the moment we wake up in the morning (hello, cell phone) to the moment we go to sleep (goodnight, laptop). But how many of us actually question the sources of information or how information is produced and filtered? In today's information age it is essential to look at these questions and others so that we can better understand contemporary society and be prepared for future changes and challenges. Students will come away with skills to prepare them to be informed, responsible, and engage students, citizens, and professionals. (Fall and Spring)