2022-23 Academic Catalog
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Music History Courses (MUS HIST)


MUS HIST 1010. History of Music I: Antiquity Through Renaissance — 2 hrs.

Survey of musical trends from Antiquity through Renaissance. Emphasis on music listening techniques. (Variable)

MUS HIST 1020. History of Music II: Baroque and Classical — 3 hrs.

Continuation of 590:001. Survey of musical trends from the Baroque and Classical periods (1600-ca. 1800). Prerequisite(s): MUS HIST 1010. (Variable)

MUS HIST 1030. History of Music III: Romantic, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Centuries — 3 hrs.

Continuation of MUS HIST 1020. Survey of musical trends from the romantic era to the present (1800-present). Prerequisite(s): MUS HIST 1010; MUS HIST 1020 with a grade of C or higher. (Variable)

MUS HIST 3200/5200. Topics in Music History and Culture — 3 hrs.

Study of music history (specific topics vary) including historical perspective in relation to style and development of music, and the function of music in society and culture. The course may be repeated for credit on a different topic. Prerequisite(s): Undergraduates: successful completion of MUS HIST 1030 and junior standing. Graduates: successful completion of Music History diagnostic exam, or MUS HIST 3800/5800. (Fall and Spring)

MUS HIST 3300/5300. History of Opera — 3 hrs.

Development of opera from its inception (ca. 1600) to present. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

MUS HIST 3510/5510. Music of World Cultures — 3 hrs.

Study of non-Western music: Africa, Islam, India, Indo-China, Indonesia, China, and Japan, and role of music in these cultures. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

MUS HIST 3600/5600. Jazz History and Styles — 3 hrs.

Evolution of jazz styles and their relationship to social, economic, and political moods of the period; in-depth and detailed study of history and development of jazz in America. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

MUS HIST 3800/5800. Music History Survey for Graduates — 1-2 hrs.

Review of various style periods, media, and forms in music history of our culture. Required of all graduate students who do not demonstrate adequate proficiency as a result of the Graduate Music History Diagnostic Examination. May be repeated for credit. Does not count toward minimum degree requirements. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

MUS HIST 4194. Senior Thesis I — 2 hrs.

Focus on development and approval of thesis topic. Followed by MUS HIST 4195 Senior Thesis II. Prerequisite(s): MUS HIST 3XXX, senior standing and consent of instructor. (Fall)

MUS HIST 4195. Senior Thesis II — 2 hrs.

Continuation of MUS HIST 4194 Senior Thesis I. Focuses on completion of thesis and public presentation. Development and approval of thesis topic followed by completion of thesis and public presentation. Prerequisite(s): MUS HIST 3XXX, senior standing and consent of instructor. (Spring)

MUS HIST 6000. Foundations of Musicology — 3 hrs.

Preparation for graduate level work in musicology; includes research and writing techniques that will prepare students for writing a scholarly paper, introduction to and readings in musicology, and concurrent online review of music history fundamentals as determined by diagnostic result. (Fall)

MUS HIST 6220. Research and Writing in Music — 3 hrs.

Designed to familiarize students with specialized resources for research in music and to apply evaluative criteria to those resources. Emphasis on the development of writing skills, incorporating sources, and presenting ideas in a well-reasoned and professional manner. (Fall)

MUS HIST 6285. Readings in Music History — 1-3 hrs.

May be repeated on the same or different topics. Prerequisite(s): consent of Graduate Coordinator in Music. (Variable)

MUS HIST 6286. Studies in _________.

May be repeated on the same or different topics. (Variable)

MUS HIST 6289. Seminar in Music History — 3 hrs.

Musicological research into the various areas of music. May be repeated on different topics. (Variable)

MUS HIST 6299. Research.

Guided independent research leading to/culminating in thesis. Prerequisite(s): consent of department. (Variable)