2020-21 Academic Catalog
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Politics, General Courses (POL GEN)


POL GEN 1020 (940:020). Contemporary Political Problems — 3 hrs.

Analysis of selected contemporary political issues. Focus may be on local, state, national, or international level. (Fall and Spring)

POL GEN 2010 (940:010). Analyzing Politics — 3 hrs.

Political issues can be divisive, but it is necessary to develop the skills and habits of rigorous analysis in order to understand the political phenomena around us. Students will explore various approaches to the scientific study of politics. (Fall and Spring)

POL GEN 3111 (940:111). Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Political Science — 3 hrs.

Introduction to basic statistical methods appropriate to data analysis in political science and public administration. (Fall)

POL GEN 3181 (940:181). Internship in Politics — 3-8 hrs.

Student serves as intern with government official or in public or private agency: (1) Federal; (2) State; (3) Local; (4) Intergovernmental; (5) Legal; (6) Interest Group; (7) International; and (8) Electoral. Prerequisite(s): POL GEN 2010 (940:010); 15 hours of political science; Political Science, Political Communication, or Public Administration major; junior standing and consent of department. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

POL GEN 3184 (940:184). Senior Seminar in Political Science — 3 hrs.

Examination of specific topics through application of theories and methods of political science analysis. Research papers required. Prerequisite(s): 24 credit hours of Political Science. (Fall and Spring)

POL GEN 4175/5175. Women in Politics — 3 hrs.

Theoretical, historical, and empirical studies of the role of women as political actors, policy issues affecting women, and the role of gender in shaping political attitudes and perceptions, with particular emphasis on the U.S. experience. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

POL GEN 4189/5189 (940:189g). Readings in Political Science — 1-3 hrs.

May be repeated only with consent of department. Prerequisite(s): 12 hours in political science; junior standing; consent of department. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

POL GEN 4198 (940:198). Independent Study.

(Fall, Spring, Summer)