2024-25 Academic Catalog
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School Library Studies Courses (SLS)


SLS 4114/5114. Introduction to the School Library Program — 3 hrs.

Survey of the five roles of the Teacher Librarian pertaining to functions of the school library, ethical and legal issues, national and state professional guidelines and standards, strategies for working with other teachers and paraprofessionals, and selection tools and evaluation criteria to develop a quality collection. Prerequisite(s): junior standing; consent of instructor. (Variable)

SLS 4115/5115. Organization of Information — 3 hrs.

Introduction to the theory and practice of information organization and retrieval in the context of school libraries. Explores the principles, core concepts, best practices, and trends of cataloging and classification as well as the key elements of performing copy cataloging. Emphasis is placed on the tools to develop, curate, organize, and manage a collection designed to meet the diverse curricular and personal needs of the learning community. The key focus of the course is supporting the user's ability to access information efficiently and effectively with an emphasis on equity of access. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SLS 4132/5132. Library Resources for Children — 3 hrs.

A study of the literature and resources created for children served by elementary school libraries. Centers on the process of evaluation in order to meet children's developmental, educational, cultural, social, linguistic and recreational needs. Includes strategies for supporting students' reading motivation and reading comprehension with emphasis placed on methods to foster leisure reading and model personal enjoyment of reading, based on familiarity with selection tools and current trends in the literature for youth. Also explores best practices for supporting intellectual freedom and responding to challenges to library materials. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SLS 4134/5134. Library Resources for Young Adults — 3 hrs.

A study of the literature and resources created for young adults in relation to their characteristics, needs, interests and abilities. Emphasis on selection to meet the developmental, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of secondary students. This includes strategies for reading promotion and for creating a welcoming and inclusive library environment. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SLS 6223. Elementary School Library Curriculum — 3 hrs.

Study of PK-5 school library curriculum development, frameworks, national standards and strategies to plan, deliver, and assess instruction using children's literature, digital and information literacies, digital citizenship, and emerging technologies. Includes when and why information is needed, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it ethically. (Variable)

SLS 6225. Leadership in the School Library Program — 3 hrs.

Prepares teacher librarians to plan, develop, implement, evaluate and advocate for school library programs, resources, and services in fulfillment of the mission of the library program within the school and district. Emphasis on making effective use of data and other forms of evidence to evaluate and inform decisions about library policies, resources, and services as part of advocacy for students and the library. Includes the development of policies and procedures to support ethical use of information, intellectual freedom, selection and reconsideration of library materials, copyright, and the privacy of users. (Variable)

SLS 6230. Technologies for Libraries — 3 hrs.

Emphasis on technologies for school libraries, including the design of an engaging and user-centered school library website that promotes local and remote access to the school library program for various audiences. Includes curation of emerging technologies for library instruction, for students' use, and for improving access to information and ideas through the school library. Students will evaluate electronic resources for content, quality, and ease of use. (Variable)

SLS 6250. Secondary School Library Curriculum — 3 hrs.

Study of 6-12 school library curriculum development, standards, and collaborative strategies to teach with young adult literature, digital and information literacies in the context of inquiry-based learning, digital citizenship, and current instructional technologies. Includes question negotiation for the type of information needed, search strategies to locate relevant sources, critical evaluation of source credibility and point of view, and ethical information use including copyright, attribution, and verification of accuracy. Emphasizes flexible, open and equitable library access. (Variable)

SLS 6289. Seminar — 2-3 hrs.

Critical assessment of the elements of school library services such as Inquiry Learning at the building and system levels. May be repeated up to six hours with permission of the Division. Prerequisite(s): SLS 6223; SLS 6250. (Variable)

SLS 6290. Practicum in School Libraries — 3 hrs.

Experience in the function of elementary and secondary school libraries. Effective teaching, collaboration, inquiry based learning, and integration of National School Library Standards, considering learner development, diversity, and differences. Prerequisite(s): SLS 4114/5114 or written consent of instructor. (Variable)

SLS 6295. Research in Library and Information Science — 3 hrs.

Survey of data, basic research methodologies and critical evaluation of school library research studies to inform library decision making. Development of a substantial written report documenting research of school libraries. (Variable)