2021-22 Academic Catalog
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Social Foundations Courses (SOCFOUND)


SOCFOUND 3119 (260:119). Schools and American Society — 3 hrs.

This course analyzes the history, sociology, political economy, and philosophical foundations of K-12 education. Its focus is on the societal issues that impact student learning and classroom practice and the political processes that impact public education and the teaching profession. It is designed to cultivate critical thinking about themes pertaining to public schooling through an interdisciplinary lens. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

SOCFOUND 4134/5134 (260:134g). History of Education — 3 hrs.

This course explores the historical development of the American public education system. Emphasis is placed on the shifting societal and political aims of public education over time; their relationship to broader shifts in American society and politics; and the controversial issues and social movements that have driven educational change. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SOCFOUND 4234/5234. Philosophy of Education — 3 hrs.

This course will survey various approaches and theories of educational philosophy. This will entail questioning common sense assumptions about education, schooling, knowledge, teaching and learning. Through a careful reading of foundational and contemporary texts, students will consider a number of critical issues related to education broadly and the establishment of schooling more specifically Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SOCFOUND 6299 (260:299). Research.

Prerequisite(s): consent of department. (Variable)