2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Physical Education Courses (PEMES)


PEMES 2011. Fundamental Physical Activities -- Aquatics — 1 hr.

Primarily for majors in Physical Education. (Fall and Spring)

PEMES 2013. Fundamental Physical Activities - Dance — 2 hrs.

Primarily for majors in Physical Education. (Variable)

PEMES 2017. Fundamental Physical Activities -- Outdoor/Adventure Pursuits — 1 hr.

Primarily for majors in Physical Education. (Fall and Spring)

PEMES 2034. Survey of Dance History — 3 hrs.

Survey of dance history from primitive times to the present with emphasis on the relationship of dance and dance forms to the societies in which they developed and other art forms and the contributions of leading dance personalities. (Variable)

PEMES 3173. Teaching Methods Block — 2-5 hrs.

2 or 5 hrs. Curriculum design, including movement education and wellness, through the integration of instructional practices, teaching strategies, knowledge of adaptations to physical activity, and assessment practices. Laboratory experiences will be included in elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Prerequisite(s): Physical Education minor: EDPSYCH 3148; KINES 2021; KINES 2056. Physical Education Major-Teaching: EDPSYCH 3148; KINES 2021; KINES 2053; KINES 2056; KINES 3174; KINES 3176. (Fall and Spring)