2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Common Course Numbers

Following are course numbers which are common to departments across campus. These common numbers may be used under named conditions by prefixing with the department subject prefix:

1059, 2059, 3159/5159, 4159/5159, 6259, 7359 - Reserved for temporary courses of a special or experimental nature. May be repeated on different topics.

3133, 4133/5133, 6233 Workshop - 1-6 hrs. Courses offered for special groups as announced in advance. Lecture workshops require 16 classroom contact hours for every one hour of credit. Activity workshops require 30 classroom contact hours for every hour of credit. Students may take work in one or more workshops. Undergraduates may not use more than 6 hours toward graduation. Graduate workshops may be used toward the completion of a graduate program with departmental approval, not to exceed 15 credit hours.

3179 Cooperative Education - 1-6 hrs. For students who wish to apply classroom learning to field experience. Requires approval by the faculty supervisor, the head of the academic department granting credit, and Cooperative Education/Internship staff for placement agreement, project, and credit arrangements. Credit may not be applied to a major or minor without approval by the department offering the major or minor. Co-op/Internship staff assist in developing placements and arranging student interviews with employers and maintain contact with student and employer during the co-op/internship experience. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hours credit. 

1086, 2086, 3186/5186, 4186/5186, 6286, 7386 Studies in "______" - Courses to be offered by departments for specialized work not covered by regular courses. Credit and topic for "study" to be given in Schedule of Classes. May be repeated on different topics.

109C, 319C, 519C Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) - Undergraduate students: 0-6 hrs; Graduate students: 0-15 hrs.

319P Presidential Scholars Research - 1-3 hrs. For Presidential Scholars only. Credit and topic to be approved by the Presidential Scholars Board. May be repeated once for a maximum of 6 hours. 

4198 Independent Study - Hours to be arranged in advance. A provision for undergraduate students to do work in a special area not offered in formal courses. (Does not provide graduate credit.) Permission of the head of the department offering the work is required. Projects must be approved well before the beginning of the semester in which the work is to be done. 

4199 Study Tour - 1-12 hrs. Offered as announced in the Schedule of Classes. See Summer Bulletin for general description and consult appropriate department for specific information. 

6285 or 7385 Readings - Offered as needed in the various disciplines - not offered as a class. Independent readings from a selected list as approved in advance by department head. Credit to be determined at time of registration. May be repeated.

6289 or 7389 Seminar - Offered as needed in the various disciplines. Credit and topic to be given in Schedule of Classes. May be repeated on different topics.

629C Continuous Registration. Graduate students who have completed all of their program but not all of their graduation requirements, e.g. comprehensive exams, thesis, paper/project, recitals, etc., must be continuously registered until the degree is completed. Students reaching this stage will be automatically registered in the course ___629C, Continuous Registration, and assessed the appropriate tuition. Continuous registration ensures that students can access their university email accounts and utilize library services through graduation. May be repeated.

629R Directed Research - 1-6 hrs. Course is available to thesis and non-thesis students on a credit/no credit basis. Students may enroll in the course following enrollment in all allowable hours of  ____6299 (6-9 hours for thesis students and 3 hours for non-thesis students). Students may take this course for a maximum of 6 hours per semester. Please refer to individual programs for possible exceptions. May be repeated to maximum of 12 hours.

6297 or 7397 Practicum - 1-4 hrs. Offered as needed in the various disciplines to provide practical experience in college teaching. May be repeated.

6299 or 7399 Research - See details for approval and registration. Repeatable to the maximum credits for a student's degree.

7300 Post-Comprehensive Registration.  Doctoral students who have completed all of their program but not all of their graduation requirements, e.g. dissertation, etc., must be continuously enrolled in ____ 7300, Post Comprehensive Registration, until all degree requirements have been met to ensure continued access to their university email accounts and library services. May be repeated.

Individual Studies Program

Courses offered in the Individual Studies Program may have a prefix of INDIVSTU xxxx instead of a department number. These include: 

4192 Exploratory Seminar - 1-3 hrs. 

4196 Interdisciplinary Readings - 1-3 hrs. 

4197 Undergraduate Thesis - 3-6 hrs. 

4198 Individual Study Project - Hours arranged by Individual Studies Program Coordinator.

Common Course Number Crosswalk

3-digit Number effective through Summer 2011 4-digit Number Effective Fall 2011 Course Title
059 1059 Experimental
159 3159 Experimental
159g 4159/5159 Experimental
259 6259 Experimental
359 7359 Experimental
133 3133 Workshop
133g 4133/5133 Workshop
233 6233 Workshop
179 3179 Cooperative Education
086 1086 Studies In:
186 3186 Studies In:
186g 4186/5186 Studies In:
286 6286 Studies In:
386 7386 Studies In:
09C 109C Open Credit
19C 319C Open Credit
19P 319P Presidential Scholars Research
198 4198 Independent Study
199 3199 Study Tour
285 6285 Readings
385 7385 Readings
289 6289 Seminar
389 7389 Seminar
29C 629C Continuous Registration
29R 629R Directed Research
297 6297 Practicum
397 7397 Practicum
299 6299 Research
399 7399 Research
300 7300 Post Comprehensive Registration