2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Politics, International Courses (POL INTL)


POL INTL 1024. International Relations — 3 hrs.

Survey of various approaches to international relations with special emphasis on application to historical and contemporary cases. (Fall and Spring)

POL INTL 3119. Politics of the Global Economy — 3 hrs.

Analysis of how the pursuit of power and the pursuit of wealth interact in international relations. Emphasis on trade policy, monetary and financial policies, economic development, and the politics of globalization since 1945. (Variable)

POL INTL 3120. International Security — 3 hrs.

Survey of the nature and causes of war, and the methods states use to achieve security. Examination of such issues as arms races, alliances, military technology, and military strategy and their relation to the politics of international relations. Analysis of methods for resolving conflicts and promoting peace. (Variable)

POL INTL 3125. Politics of International Development — 3 hrs.

Since the end of the Cold War, the international community has become more concerned with poverty, hunger, deprivation, the spread of disease and violence in all forms. This course studies the political dynamics that lead to action or that perpetuate inaction. (Variable)

POL INTL 3126. Human Rights — 3 hrs.

Examination of the origins and development of the concept of Human Rights. Review of the major challenges to global human rights, including genocide, racism, political repression, national/religion oppression, and gender discrimination. Emphasis on the international institutions, norms, and policies of states and non-state actors to define and promote human rights. (Variable)

POL INTL 3127. United States Foreign Policy — 3 hrs.

Historical and theoretical examination of the individual, domestic, and systemic factors which affect formulation of United States foreign policy. (Variable)

POL INTL 3143. International Law — 3 hrs.

Survey of international law from its development to contemporary issues. (Variable)

POL INTL 3145. International Organizations — 3 hrs.

Description of international governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and analysis of their roles in international politics. (Variable)