2020-21 Academic Catalog
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Political Theory Courses (POL THRY)


POL THRY 1050 (941:050). Introduction to Political Theory: Freedom, Justice and Power — 3 hrs.

Introductory course that explores some of the ideals that guide political practice, addressing questions such as: How do we know what is just, and how can justice be achieved? What does it mean to be free? What is the nature of power? Can we avoid it? If not, what can be done to control it? (Fall and Spring)

POL THRY 3129 (941:129). American Political Thought — 3 hrs.

Founding theories of American political practice (Jefferson, Madison, and others); analysis of fundamental American political ideals including rights, freedom, and equality. (Variable)

POL THRY 3160 (941:160). Classical Political Theory — 3 hrs.

The nature of justice, arguments for and against democracy, the foundations of political knowledge, and the nature of political communities, as understood by the thinkers of classical Greece. (Variable)

POL THRY 3161 (941:161). Modern Political Theory — 3 hrs.

Western political thought from Machiavelli to Nietzsche, including the philosophical foundations for the American system of government (liberal and civic republican thought). (Variable)