2021-22 Academic Catalog
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Public Policy Courses (PUBPOL)


PUBPOL 6201. Politics and Public Policy — 3 hrs.

Defining and focusing on the non-linear aspect of the policy process, including an emphasis on non-rational decision making. Analysis of legislative, executive, and bureaucratic influences. Understanding how policy images and public perception shape the formation of public policy and evaluation techniques. (Odd Falls)

PUBPOL 6204. Program Evaluation in Public Policy — 3 hrs.

Theory and practice of program evaluation and evaluative research from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. (Even Falls)

PUBPOL 6220 (950:220). Public Policy, Advocacy and Public Funding — 2 hrs.

Policy context of philanthropy and nonprofit development; the role of nonprofits in policy development and advocacy. Prerequisite(s): admission into the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development graduate program. (Variable)

PUBPOL 6260 (950:260). Policy Analysis: Methods and Approaches — 3 hrs.

Research methods and approaches for analyzing and evaluating public policy choices and impacts. Understanding the context and purposes of policy analysis. Defining policy research questions and developing research designs. Selecting and applying appropriate research methods to policy problems. Prerequisite(s): enrollment requires admission to the graduate program in Public Policy, or consent of Director of Graduate Program in Public Policy. (Odd Falls)

PUBPOL 6275 (950:275). Quantitative Methods for Politics and Policy — 3 hrs.

Statistical methods appropriate to study of political science and public policy, including hypothesis testing using parametric and nonparametric tests, correlation and bivariate regression, experimental methods, logistic regression and multiple regression. (Even Springs)

PUBPOL 6281 (950:281). Internship in Public Policy — 3 hrs.

Field experience for students enrolled in Master of Public Policy degree program. Students may be given credit for extensive career experience at the discretion of the Program Director. (Even Summers)

PUBPOL 6285 (950:285). Readings in Public Policy — 1-3 hrs.

Registration requires written consent of Program Director. May be repeated. (Odd Summers)