2021-22 Academic Catalog
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Safety Education Courses (SAFETYED)


SAFETYED 4130/5130 (300:130g). Driver and Traffic Safety I — 3 hrs.

Classroom and practice driving units; safety education as a social problem; development of safety skills, habits, attitudes, and ideals; accident causes; study of research. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SAFETYED 4131/5131 (300:131g). Driver and Traffic Safety II — 3 hrs.

Classroom and in-the-car techniques of imparting instruction to high school students taking driver education. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SAFETYED 4192/5192 (300:192g). Experience in Safety Education — 2-4 hrs.

Offered in various specialized fields; may be repeated once for credit in a different area. Maximum of 8 hours credit. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)