2017-18 Academic Catalog
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Social Science Courses (SOC SCI)


SOC SCI 1020 (900:020). Women, Men, and Society — 3 hrs.

Examination of key issues of gender. Attention to variety of topics including ethical issues and gender roles, gender-role stereotyping, male and female roles, sexuality, gender roles in non-western and minority cultures, and gender roles in United States institutions (e.g., in the nuclear family, religion, and the work place). (Fall and Spring)

SOC SCI 1041 (900:041). Social Welfare: A World View — 3 hrs.

Comparative study of social welfare (social insurance, public welfare, charity and philanthropy, social services, and mutual aid) in the United States, and selected nations from five regions of the world as defined by the International Congress of Schools of Social Work (African, Asian, European, Latin American, and North American regions). (Same as SW 1041 (450:041)) (Fall and Spring)

SOC SCI 1045 (900:045). American Racial and Ethnic Minorities — 3 hrs.

Survey of several American minorities, including Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and Native Americans. Multi-disciplinary study of these groups with particular emphasis on geographic origins, linguistic traditions, and current modes of economic subsistence. Introduction to folkways and mores of each group. (Same as SW 2045 (450:045)) (Fall and Spring)

SOC SCI 3190. Introduction to Teaching Social Studies — 1 hr.

Acquaints students with basic secondary social studies instructional methods. Introduces fundamentals of lesson planning, including using standards, benchmarks, and curricula as well as varied active learning and classroom management strategies. Students prepare for seeking employment by beginning to write teaching philosophies and building professional portfolios. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): TEACHING 3128; consent of instructor. (Fall and Spring)

SOC SCI 4190 (900:190). Methods of Teaching Social Studies — 3 hrs.

Basic teaching methods class designed for future social studies teachers to understand effective instructional techniques and strategies. Emphasis will be placed on lesson plan development, effective instruction, and perspectives of teaching in changing environments. Examination and evaluation of current curricular materials, curriculum development, and appropriate assessment strategies. Ordinarily taken the semester immediately preceding student teaching. Prerequisite(s): SOC SCI 3190; consent of instructor. (Fall and Spring)

SOC SCI 4199/5199 (900:199g). Study Tour — 1-8 hrs.

Directed program of study abroad. Programs to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and other world areas. Study of social, historical, economic, and/or political characteristics of other countries and cultures. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Variable)

SOC SCI 6297 (900:297). Practicum.


SOC SCI 6299 (900:299). Research.

Prerequisite(s): consent of department. (Variable)