2023-24 Academic Catalog
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General Studies, B.A.

This is a diversified liberal arts major supervised by the Coordinator of the Individual Studies Program.

A General Studies major enables students to take a wide variety of courses from many different departments. This can lead to a well-rounded liberal arts education. The major is not directed toward any particular vocation or certification. The emphasis of this major is on distribution rather than concentration. Each General Studies major is encouraged to develop a program of study according to her/his own needs, interests, and career goals. The selection of courses is largely left to the student. Students may not declare a second major and be registered for the General Studies major.

*The four colleges are:

  1. College of Business;
  2. College of Education;
  3. College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences; and
  4. College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Students should meet with the Coordinator of the Individual Studies Program to design their General Studies major plan of study.