2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Individual Studies, B.A.

Students interested in this major should have at least one semester's experience in university study before applying. A student shall consult first with the Individual Studies Coordinator concerning the feasibility of designing an Individual Studies major in a particular area. If the university does not have faculty or curricular resources for the area requested, the student will be so advised. Also, if the student does not appear to be academically prepared, or if her/his plans are not sufficiently clear, specific steps to correct these problems will be recommended.

Once an advisor is appointed, the student and the advisor will develop a list of courses to comprise the proposed major, and an interdisciplinary faculty committee will be selected to take action on the specific program. In some cases, with the approval of the faculty advisor and the program coordinator, an extraordinary amount of independent study may be counted toward the major. In most cases, an undergraduate thesis will be required of this major.