2024-25 Academic Catalog
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Middle Level Science Teaching (Dual), B.A.

Middle Level Science Teaching (Dual), B.A.

Students who complete this major must also complete the Middle Level Education Dual Major – Teaching (see Department of Curriculum and Instruction).

This is a sample plan of study with a suggested sequencing of classes for the major.  University electives may be applied to earn additional academic majors, minors, or certificates.  Students should regularly meet with their academic advisor to plan their specific semester schedule to include UNIFI/General Education program and/or university elective hours required.

Plan of Study Grid
BIOL 2051 General Biology: Organismal Diversity 4
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I 4
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 6
BIOL 2052 General Biology: Cell Structure and Function 4
CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II 4
TEACHING 2017 Level 1 Field Experience: Exploring Teaching 1
EDPSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 3
PHYSICS 1511 General Physics I 4
EARTHSCI 1200 Elements of Weather 3
EARTHSCI 1210 Elements of Weather Laboratory 1
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 6
Concentration Course 3
PHYSICS 1512 General Physics II 4
EDPSYCH 3148 Learning and Motivation in Classroom Contexts 3
MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment 2
TEACHING 3128 Level 2 Field Experience: Lesson Planning and Instruction 1
TEACHING 3129 Secondary and Special-Area Classroom Management 1
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 3
EARTHSCI 1300 Introduction to Geology 4
EDPSYCH 4152/5152 Development of the Middle School Aged Child 3
SOCFOUND 3119 Schools and American Society 3
LITED 4117/5117 Methods of Teaching Content Literacy at the Middle and Secondary Levels 3
LITED 4155/5155 English Language Structures and Usage for K-8 Educators 1
SPED 3150 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Classrooms 2
SCI ED 3300/5300 Orientation to Science Teaching 4
ELEMECML 4152/5152 Middle Level Curriculum 2
TEACHING 4170/5170 Human Relations: Awareness and Application 3
Concentration Course 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 5
SCI ED 4800/5800 Methods for Teaching Secondary Science or MTSS 3
ELEMECML 4135/5135 Middle Level Instruction, Differentiation, and Assessment 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 9
TEACHING 3138 Secondary School Teaching 12
 Total Hours120

This major requires students to complete the requirements for an endorsement in a second Middle School Subject (5-8) that may include: 1821-Middle School Language Arts, 1822-Middle School Mathematics, or 1824-Middle School Social Studies (5-8). Required courses for these endorsements include the following with many of the required courses counting toward UNIFI/General Education requirements*:

1821-Middle School Langauge Arts (5-8)
ENGLISH 1005College Writing and Research *3
COMM 1000Oral Communication *3
ENGLISH 2520Multicultural Literature *3
ENGLISH 4940/5940Literature for Young Adults3
1822-Middle School Mathematics (5-8)
MATH 1140Precalculus4
an additional 8 hours that may include:8
Calculus I *
Calculus II
Introduction to Statistical Methods *
1824-Middle School Social Studies (5-8)
HUM 1021Humanities I: The Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Worlds3
or HIST 1210 Making the Modern World
GEOG 1120Peoples, Cultures, and Environments *3
HIST 1110United States History to the Civil War and Emancipation3
or HIST 1120 United States History since the Civil War and Emancipation
POL AMER 1014Power & Politics in the U.S. *3