2024-25 Academic Catalog
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TESOL/Spanish Teaching, B.A.

TESOL/Spanish-Teaching, B.A. 

This is a sample plan of study with a suggested sequencing of classes for the major.  University electives may be applied to earn additional academic majors, minors, or certificates.  Students should regularly meet with their academic advisor to plan their specific semester schedule to include UNIFI/General Education program and/or university elective hours required.

Plan of Study Grid
SPAN 2002 Oral and Written Spanish (if needed) 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 14
SPAN 3001 or SPAN 3006 or other SPAN course 3
EDPSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development 3
TEACHING 2017 Level 1 Field Experience: Exploring Teaching 1
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 10
TESOL core course or SPAN 3003 (SPAN 3003 not recommended for students planning to study abroad) 3
SPED 3150 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Classrooms 2
MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment 2
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 9
SPAN 3004 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (satsifies UNIFI Human Expression) 3
TEACHING 3128 Level 2 Field Experience: Lesson Planning and Instruction 1
EDPSYCH 3148 Learning and Motivation in Classroom Contexts 3
LANG 4740/5740 Language Teaching Methods l 3
TESOL 4120/5120 Introduction to Linguistics (or TESOL 4110 The Structure of English) 3
TESOL 4510/5510 Language Development 3
SPAN 3007 Introduction to Translation (or other SPAN course) 3
SPAN 3008 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (or other SPAN course) 3
TESOL 4340/5340 English Grammar: Form and Function 3
TESOL 4520/5520 Cultural Aspects of Language and Language Teaching (or TESOL 4540 Sociolinguistics) 3
TESOL 4760/5760 Language Teaching Methods ll 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives OR Study Abroad (courses chosen in consultation with advisor) 3
TESOL 4350/5350 Phonetics, Phonology, and Language Teaching 3
TESOL 4720/5720 Bilingualism and Bilingual Education 3
SPAN 4045/5045 Translation (or SPAN 4046 Topics in Languages and Culture) 3
SPAN 4091 Practicum in Teaching Spanish 3
LANG 4750 Assessment in Language Learning 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 3
LANG 4093 Technology in Language Education (or LRNTECH 1020 Secondary Educational Technology & Design) 3
SOCFOUND 3119 Schools and American Society 3
TEACHING 4170/5170 Human Relations: Awareness and Application 3
SPAN 302X or culture course 3
TESOL 4770 Undergraduate TESOL Practicum 3
UNIFI/General Education or University Electives 3
TEACHING 3138 Secondary School Teaching 6
TEACHING 3140 Special Area Teaching: Art, ESL, Music, and Physical Education 6
 Total Hours132